Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When in Rome...

Alright! Ready to hit the town... Where to eat? Of course we went back
to our same restaurant! Only this time Mai was a little pressed for
time running the show herself so Jonathan went into the kitchen to
assist her... I say pretty damn cool to be able to have that
experience halfway around the world! We ate more curries, sandwiches
and sitcky noodle soup. After dinner, a group of 8 of us including the
cheffy went to a roof top bar right inthe old city. (side bar:
fantastic passion fruit mojito!!) Best part of travelling is meetng
people from all over the world! You realize how similar you actually

Sleeppyy timee... Thai cooking class on a farm tomorrow!

Sorry about the poor image quality. Kinda though to use any kind of
tecnology around here. Oldly enough I like it! :) (within reason of
course! hehe)

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