Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 5: A Day with Scoots

Up at 4 the air enroute to Chiang Mai by 8. We landed to gorgeous weather; high eighties, breezy and NO SMOG! We were picked up by our guest house in the old city called Bupa Tara. After check in we decided to wander around. We began in one of the oldest market places with large varieties of fruits and vegetables all indigenous to Chiang Mai. Kept walking in search of a motor bike to rent, but instead found an quaint little restaurant with a tiki-thai feel. We decided it was cute enough and we should sit down and have a bite... It ended up being the best Thai food that we have had so far.

Fat rice noodles with long beans pork and one of the best curries I've ever eaten - besides mine (really, it gives me a run for my money).  Pork with holy basil and a ton of fresh was incendiary but impossible to stop eating.  That's gonna hurt later!

The owner and chef, Mai, makes everything from scratch -made to order and it was devine!  We sat and shmoozed, met a few people and made plans with them to go out later.

We finally decided to get up after practically moving into the restaurant. Walked a few more blocks down the narrow old city roads to a bike rental place. Got ourselves a 125 Kawasaki and zipped through all of Chiang Mai with the wind in our hair. Returned to the same restaurant several hours later for a celebratory "thank g-d we didn't lose it to a psyco thai driver" cocktail!

Back to our guest house to get ready for a night on the town...

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