Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 6: Burn ya Twice

Up at 7 an onto a Songatew (caravan) headed for a farm right outside
of chiang Mai for a day long Thai cooking class at Thai Farm Cooking
School. We spent the day making different fresh curry pastes, papaya
salad, springrolls, pad thai and of course coconut desserts and mango
sticky rice! All the food was delicious of course (if Jonathan had
anything to do with making it...) not only that, but it was such a
cool experience to be able to see how the locals make their food and
where they get their ingredients from. The cooking class was located
on a farm where they grow all of the ingredients fresh... It pretty
much defines the concept of "farm to table"! Perfect mid eighties and
breezy weather... jealous yet?

After a Long day of cookig and eating, we made our way back into the
old city of chiang mai- Full o food with leftovers in hand! We ended
up going back to Mais bar for some drinks with a few friends...which
of course lead to more eating and more of Jonathan helping out Mai in
the kitchen! This woman is truely an inspiration! As a single mother
she opened this restaurant. Not only is she the chef and bartender,
but also the waitress and every other aspect of the restaurant. Really
gives new meaning to a one woman show!

Back to Bupa Tara guest house to relax before another night on the town!

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