Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 3:

Didnt go to the floating market today, we decided to explore the real
Bangkok and to go there and the rose garden tomorrow. Instead We
started off our day at a restaurant called cabbages and condoms. Ok so
the after dinner mint was a condom, but aside from that the place was
in a quaint outside terrace off of Sukamvit Road (business district).
The funny name comes from the Thai association for family planning and
all the money they make goes to that charity. Oh yeah and the food was
craaazzzeee! Spicy mixed mushroom soup, spicy seafood soup, seafood
with a lemongrass sauce and of course all types of sticky rice. Right
after our cabbage and condom experience we met a really nice Thai man
who gave us all sorts of tips for the rest of our trip here.

The tuk tuk drivers today were winy and didnt want to go where we
wanted... We even go kicked out of one! So we decided to walk back.
Made it to the water and found a boat-but that's where it all began.
We thought we were heading south but alas we weren't. Windy small
street reminicent of Venice's old city. Back allys of food carts,
children playing, slums and temples where you can hear praying from
beyond the gate. Our heart rates raising with each step until we
stumbled upon a familar street.

2 liters of water and all varieties of fruit later, we finally made it

Chill time now then off to Kho San Road with loads of strews vendors,
markets and nightlife.


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