Saturday, February 20, 2010

Final Days... Thaims Up :(

I cannot believe our trip is over! It has truely been amazing! We've
eaten some amazing things, met some amazing people and seen amazing
things! We had the perfect last day here in Bangkok walking around the
city once more. Tonight we sat in the JatuJak market eating and
drinking- shoppin and chillin... What more could you want?!?

We returned to our hotel to see if we could crash for a few hours
before heading to the airport... But they had no rooms available for
the night :( Good news though... The Dream Hotel down the street had a
room ready for us! What luck!

Now a little shut eye before we head out to the airport at 2am akkkk!

Thank you Thailand!!

Kop Koon Kahh
+ SawadeeKahhh!!


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