Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 11: Another Gorgeous Day on the Beach

Another day trying to recover from my food poising incident... We
decided to take it easy and chill on the beach again today. Before I
go any further I must tell you that I checked the ingredients on the
soy milk I had on that fateful day and surprise surprise... The
ingredients read: "soybeans, whole milk, sugar"!!! (it might help to
know that I'm allergic to dairy!) I guess big food poising mystery

So off we went on our motor bike to Lamai beach. Out first stop was to
a beach side resort, spa and restaurant that specialized in healthful,
nutritious and Ayurvedic foods (Frommers reccomended)... Not so fun
for Jon, but I was in heaven (especially after not eating for 2 days!)
We chilled and ate for a bit till we hit the beach. I relaxed on a
beach with a coconut full of watery goodness in hand, while Jon rented
a jetski. On our way back from the beach we decided to stop at the
same place we had eaten earlier for another healthful bite (what a
trooper he is :)) Oh yeah and the food was actually delicious and best
of all Thai priced... Not Island priced!

Now back at our cabana relaxing, napping and swimming.

Live music on fisherman's warf later...

And Ko Tao tomorrow to visit some friends we made while in Chiang Mai!

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