Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 17: In the mood for Banana Pancake?

And stuck in Bangkok? That's easy! Go back to town an hit the markets!
So we did!

The airline put us up for the night/day at a GORGEOUS hotel nearby...
Were talking real beds and toilets here people! Some may call us
"plush packers"... I say it's luck :) it's a place to chill and eat
free food while we work the standby lines at the airport for the next

Is it ok to make a Jewish joke on a blog? Ok well here goes nothin'...
You know you're Jewish when you're excited by a flight cancelation for
the free hotel and food!! Yeeehawwww lol :)

I guess that only applies to the first 24 hours... Stuck here for a
week now:/

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