Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 12/13: Rocky Road...

Not just an ice cream!

Took a high speed catamaran to Ko Tao yesterdy to meet up with friends
we had made during the cooking class in Chiang Mai.

I won't tell the story on blog (you'll have to ask yourself if you're
interested) but if you do go to Koh Tao... Word to the wise, please DO

... 3 hours later we finally made it up the rockiest and sandiest
mountain I'd ever seen... (Easily a double black diamond in vail) to
the place we were meeting our friends, called Posidon. Adorable place
full of beach bungalows, flowers, rocks and sand. This place put Samui
to shame on the peacuful paridise scale! Way less touristy, (no cars
cause they literaly cannot make it up the roads) and so serne.

We walked right in and right over the beach where we all sat until
sunset drinking beers and taking turns using the scuba equiptment. It
was well worth the trouble we went through to get here. We all
separated for a bit to go back to our bungalows and get cleaned up for
dinner... Us having no original plans to be staying here for the
night, didn't really need too much time getting ready!

Ill jumo back to earlier in the day... after we already bought our
tickets to come here, the woman tells us the next boat back isn't
until the next morning... So there you have it:) no big deal though...
they had a cute bungalow ready for us when we got to Posidon.

Sorry for the diversion...

Ok so we got cleaned up and met out friends back out on the beach at a
roof top bar for a few drinks... Slowly migrated next door for a fish
BBQ, then back to our roof top bar for a nigt cap. We all lay there on
mats looking up at the stars until it was time for some shut eye.

Loaded up on bug spray... and PASSED OUT!

Up now at 6am to watch the sunrise on the beach before the truck comes
to take us to the pier...

Ate breakfast on the beach with our friends and the saw us off when
our truck taxi arrived. They are truely such good and honorable
people! That's what I love about travelling... All the amazing people
you meet along that way that you realize no matter where they are
from, try are just like you!

Spent the day at Chaweng beach again getting massages and playing in
the ocean... Last night :( I'm gunna miss this!

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