Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 14: mmm coconut fritter fried yumminessss

If I could bottle up the sounds of the ocean at 5am I would! Not in
the same creepy way as a sharper image sound effects machine but in
the most natural and serene way possible!

So clearly were up at 5am yet again on out way back to the boat, back
to Surat Thani, back to the airport...back to Bangkok

Landed in Bangkok and of course had to wait for our ride :) ahhh never
on Thaim! We got settled in at our hotel and then took the skytrain
over to Silom Road (known for it's red light district) we just went
for some lunch at a restaurant we had heard about... And boy was it

Walked off our feast and now settling in for some much needed rest!

PS. Thanks jon for saving my life yesterday :)

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