Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 1: midnght snack ($.90)!

3:30 am and we just "found" our place... Funny since we landed at 11pm
Saturday night. Let's go back a day... We got on what would be a 21
hour flight and without going into too much detail I'll just say...
Turbulance was bad! But we made it! So we find a taxi outside of the
airport but he wouldn't put on the meter and got fined so we had to
find a new taxi... He took us where he thought we wanted to go. I'll
skip to 3 taxis later when we FINALLY find our apartment and it's
ADORABLE! Pretty excited right now-just trying to mellow out and
sleep so we can wake early and hit the weekend market with over 11,000
stalls, most fortunately being food and crafts. Everyone here, even at
this early hour, is very sweet and accommodating. Gonna work on my
Thai tomorrow.

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