Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 11: Thai me to the Moon

After some much needed rest we went out trying to find a place to eat.
The book had several reccomendations to which we followed up... They
were all a bit to high end for no reason and worst of all no one in
them! So we walked along the beach for a bit until we found a cute
restauraunt situated right on the shore line in the sand. We had a
great dinner and relaxed for a bit...

For those of you who have never been to Thailad, you must know that
everytime you're on the beach you WILL be solicited by bbq-ers,
manicurists and people selling jewellry. Usually very annoying
especially when you're trying to eat, sleep or read- but last night a
man came to us (still annoying but anyway...) with the lanterns they
use in Chiang Mai's festival of fire or lights. They light these
lanterns on the bottom and the balloon fills with so much heat they
fly up into the sky. (kindof te same technology as a hot air balloon)
The sight of one is pretty cool... Now imagine a sky full of them! So
naturally we bought a couple... Well see that US customs has to say
about it :)

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