Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 8: Thaim to Chill

Been chilling on Koh Samui driving around on a motor bike that we
rented for the week. Grabbed a bite to eat on fisherman's wharf and
then drove around the whole island to scope out our next move. Just
got back from a midnight outting to Tesco in search for snacks... And
we found em! A full grocery cart later we finally buy our groceries
(for some deliciously small amount of money, including a supply of
booze) make it out to the car park where we then realize... Oh yeah we
have a scooter HA! so I strap em on to my arms and between us, and we
begin our journey back to our house. (which I'll tell you about
later). We finally make it back (I won't go into how we made the wrong
turn out of tesco and went the wrong way for about 15 minutes... ;)) I
wish I had taken a picture of everything we were carrying but I don't
think I could have held anything any longer!

Oh did I mention they sell gasoline by the liter glass bottle on the
side of the road for a dollar?!? Ha

Ok now back to our house. Most of the resorts here on Koh Samui have
beach and oceanfront bungalow huts but because of the Chinese new year
everything had been booked in advance... So we don't have an ocean
view but it's pretty close! We ended up with our own cabana resort
house! A few rooms, kitchen, new bath and a balcony! Not too shabby!
Now if only Thailand would hop on the "posture-pedic" train, we'd be

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