Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 2: WT tuk tuk!

Sunday am = weekend market!
Vendors, food carts and clothes everywhere. The best omelette you've
ever had for less than a dollar. Spicier than anything you've ever had
before! Everyone told us us it would be the hottest weather we have
ever experienced but truthfully it's no hotter than miami - we did go
through a couple gallons of water though. After the market we found
ourselves a little tuk tuk driver to take us around the city. For
under 10 dollars he spent the day with us showing is all major temples
(wat), giant buddah, lucky buddah and the golden mount. We got back to
our place are 5pm and crashed from being out in the heat so long- no
issues with jet lag... Until now... At 3 am... as we watch Superman in
Thai... Not able to sleep anymore. Tomorrow were off to te floating
market and the rose gardens.
Still, and always hungry here in Bangkok... Today - the floating
market. YUM!

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